The Concept of Financial Literacy of IMG-Cebu

Friday, February 19, 2010

The video that you will watch right now it is also the video who helps me a lot regarding Financial Literacy and leadership. This IMG Company is the reason why I know where I going to put my hard earned money with higher yield in legal ways. And they also teach me and coach me of what the rich people doing and they also give me an opportunity to share other people of their concept for Free. Lastly if you want to know more feel free to contact me i will help you and guide you.


"This Is It" Cebu Provincial Jail Imnates & Michael Jackson’s choreographer Travis Payne

Monday, January 25, 2010

"This Is It" were in the Cebu Provincial and Detention and Rehabilitation Center ( CPDRC) to film the inmates dancing to the drill and the new song, " Nobody Cares About Us".The dancing inmates of the Cebu Provincial Jail perform with pop superstar Michael Jackson’s choreographer Travis Payne (center) and dancers Daniel Celebre and Dreis Reid in a new video which was uploaded on YouTube yesterday January 16, 2010 by Sony Entertainment. Payne and his crew spent two days last week at the jail to record the dance, which involved 1,200 inmates clad in black ‘This is it’ shirts and orange prison jeans. The video is part of the launch of Jackson’s ‘This is it’ DVD.


Sinulog 2010, 30th Anniversary

Monday, January 11, 2010

Sinulog festival is the country’s biggest pageantry of sights, sounds and colors as it honors and pays homage to the patron saint of Cebu , the child Jesus Sr. Sto.The Sinulog 2010 was launched with a parade that showcased Cebu's past and present to mark the 30th anniversary of the country's grandest festival in celebration of the annual feast of the Holy Child Jesus. The Grand Sinulog 2010 Parade is gonna be held on the 17th of January.

A lot of activities are in line for the upcoming Sinulog Festival are Sinulog Photo Exhibits in Mactan Airport, Ayala, SM City and Emal (Jan. 5), Sinulog sa Kabataan—Lalawigan (Jan. 10), Sinulog sa Kabataan—Dakbayan (Jan. 11), Sinulog Festival Queen (Jan. 16), nightly programs like Cultural Shows and Street Party bands at Fuente OsmeƱa.


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